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Keep Our World Green!

Servicing the United States and World, LHS Inc. remains a leading seller in the plastics and recycling industry. LHS provides customers with reprocessed, unfilled and filled, Polyether ether ketone (PEEK). Our reprocessed grades have been granulated, melt filtered, and repelletized under strict quality control standards to ensure customers the highest quality grades of material available. Whether you are seeking to purchase or sell repelletized and/or granulated PEEK or PEEK Scrap, LHS representatives will assist you, offering the highest quality of customer care and service available. 




  • Repelletized Mechanical Grade unfilled PEEK 
    • Grade 1
    • Grade 2
  • Repelletized 30% Glass-filled PEEK
  • Repelletized 30% Carbon-filled PEEK
  • Polymer Conversion
    • Powder Peek



  • Scrap
    • PEEK Scrap
      • ​Shavings 
      • Hardstock
    • Nylon Scrap
      • ​Shavings 
      • Hardstock
    • Teflon Scrap
      • ​Shavings
      • Hardstock
      • Wet Grinds
      • Tape


  • Resin Compounds


  • Tolling Service



In addition to providing ultra-high performance polymers, we purchase scrap shavings and hardstock for resale and recycling.
Allow LHS to service your needs, give us a call today.
For questions regarding material type and availability, quotes.
LHS Inc. remains a proud holder of the Texas Environmental Excellence Award, as well as a State of Texas Honors Finalist for their dedication to environmental excellence in the recycling industry. 

LHS, Inc.
P.O. Box 558
Winnie, TX 77665
Phone: (409) 673-4192   Fax: (877) 813-7846


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